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Nickel and Brass Plated Welded Steel  Rings
Antique Chinese Coins
Red or WhiteVelvet Rope
Custom Lengths Available
Time Tunnel Kit
Dice/No Dice Kit
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Sponge Kit
3 1/2  inch Solid Brass Seamless Ring $15 each
Only 3 left in stock.
Coming soon: 3 inch
Solid Brass Seamless Rings  
$12 each. Order NOW    
Dice now also available
BLUE color
Gaffed Decks
Special Deal on First Trilogy

21st Century Coin Mechanics + Video CD

Kingdom of the Red + DVD

The Book of Destiny + DVD

3 Dollar-size antique
Chinese coins

Price:  $150 + shipping
Shipping in USA by Priority Mail  
Shipping Internationally by Priority Mail  $68
Shipping to Canada or Mexico  $43

For Kingdom of the Red in Red Leather: add $40
For The Book of Destiny in Black Leather: add $40
For Both: add $80
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Leather Book Choices
4 Sets Left
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Inexpensive Set
of 5 Colored Dice
Only $2 with any other order
{More than 1 set can be ordered}
Arch of Sunzi
Limited Edition:
The Clock of
Now Shipping
The Clock of Alexander

Guessing Game
Only 2 left in stock
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All Seven books: Magica III, Magica Analytica, Magica Analytica II,
Counting On Deception
The Book of Destiny, Kingdom of the Red,
and 21st Century Coin Mechanics
(includes 2 DVDs and 1 CD)
Ultimate Works $270 + Shipping
14 pounds of books + Bonus Velvet Rope and Ring
USA ONLY Combo Offer
Clock of Alexander +
Magica Analytica II +
Dollar size Antique Chinese Coin
USA Priority Shipping
Now Shipping:  The NEW Time Tunnel
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Magica III
Gems from the Repertoire
150 numbered copies
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JUST Released
Magictivity Coins
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