21st Century Coin Mechanics DVD
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Coins From Vegas
Coins From Vegas Explanation

*Invisible Coins and Cup Routine
*Invisible Coins and Cup Routine Explanation

Copper and Silver by Brute Force I and II
Copper and Silver by Brute Force Explanation

Boomerang Coins
Boomerang Coins Explanation

Retention Trip Vanish
Open Palm Retention Vanish
*Classic Palm Vanish
*Pinch Vanish
*Downs Palm Vanish/Production

Flying Changeover Palm
Pivoting Changeover Palm
Ross Bertram Multiple Coin Changeover Palm
Over Easy Acquitment/Change

URV Toss Switch
Double Helix Change
*One Hand Coin Change
Flying False Count

*Indicates new material not in 21CCM
100+ minutes of high definition video teaching and
performances with full detailed step-by-step explanations.

Learn the Real Secrets of
21st Century Coin Mechanics and more

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21st Century Coin
Mechanics Book

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Open Palm
Retention Vanish
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