Kingdom of the Red
by Larry Barnowsky
Page 2
So much magic happens during
Rendezvous Aces that it may overshadow
any other effect you do. If you only have
time to perform one effect, this is the one.
You don't need to know anything about
binary numbers when you perform
Binary Predictions. The duplicate of a
freely selected letter tile is found in a
locked box that the spectator opens
himself, and best of all it works
This one you can do on stage, on the
street, hopping tables, or in your living
room. The
Comedy Rope and Ring
is the all purpose, all occasion,
and all conditions performance piece.  
Magic and comedy skillfully woven
Alignment of Colors at Montauk Point
is a stunner that is the perfect closer. The
entire deck separates into red and black
despite fair shuffling by you and the
This is the only dice effect I ever perform.
Dice/No Dice combines basic sleight of
hand with a clever gaff to create a quick
blockbuster routine suitable for close-up or
small groups.
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