All Eight books: Magica II, Magica III, Magica IV, and Magica
Analytica pdf
Counting On Deception
The Book of Destiny, Kingdom of the Red,
and 21st Century Coin Mechanics
(includes 2 DVDs and 1 CD)
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14 pounds of books + Bonus Velvet Rope and Ring
and dollar size antique Chinese coin
Magica Quadrilogy
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Magica Analytica I (pdf)
Magica Analytica II
Magica III
Magica IV

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Inexpensive Set
of 5 Colored Dice
Only $2 with any other
{More than 1 set can be
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364 page hardcover BOD
BOD 2 hour teaching DVD
256 page hardcover COD book

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Book of Destiny + DVD
Kingdom of the Red + DVD
Counting On Deception

3 hardcovers + 2 Companion DVD

$95 + FREE USA shipping
Magica V + Sherlock's Paradox
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