Guessing Game

    A prediction card hidden in an envelope is set aside. Four cards are displayed which represent the four suits. The spectator
    chooses one. A small box containing four dice is displayed. Two of the dice are blue and two are white. The box is closed
    and the four dice are mixed thoroughly. The total of the blue dice is used to select a blue starting number on a game board.
    The total of the white dice is used to count along a labeled path through the interior of the board’s maze. The spot he lands
    on has a specific card value. The chosen suit and the derived card value combine to form a single unique card in the deck.
    The prediction is opened and it matches that perfectly.

         The starting point determined by rolling the blue dice is NOT FORCED
         NO Equivoque
         Works 100% of the time controlled by hidden mathematical principles and some cleverness in the dice box
         Easy to perform
               Guessing Game prediction envelope is not gaffed
         After the dice are rolled, they have many different paths along the game board that they can freely choose
         Limited Edition. All gameboards numbered. Maximum of
36 units will be made.
         This effect is no way related to my other limited edition effect, The Rings of Alexandria which is sold out.
         The Clock of Alexander is still available                    

    What's included:

        7 page manuscript with 10 color photos and illustrations printed on glossy enamel paper
      Guessing Gameboard with inner steel shim layer
      Cherry stained
wooden pedestal for optional vertical display of gameboard*
      Magnetic Pawn Playing Piece which will attract to the gameboard
      Custom made cherry stained
wooden Dice Box
      Blue dice and white dice
and velveteen storage pouch
      Guessing Game
Prediction Envelope
      Custom Wooden Latched Case which holds all the props securely

    Price: Sixty Dollars + shipping
                                                                           (USA Priority Mail $12, International $22 Canada $18)

       * Initial units will have a round base. Subsequent ones will be rectangular.                                                 
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Guessing Game Kit
Wooden Prop Case

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