Hat Trick Kit
Three balls and a hat are displayed. Balls jump from the
pocket to the hat, jump from the hat to the hand, and
vanish from the hat one at a time. The three vanished
balls reappear one at a time from the hat. As a climax, a
jumbo ball is produced from the hat.
The kit includes the following:

Custom gaffed baseball hat.
4 specially prepared balls
Gaffed large production ball
Transparent ball receptacle
9 pages of step-by-step instructions with
22 color photos in chapter 2 of Magica III
A limited number of these
kits will be available after
Magica III is published
and then discontinued
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I have a limited number of Red
Gaffed Balls.  After
those are sold out, only the
Gray Rubber Coated ones will
be supplied with the effect. If
available you can choose the
one you prefer.

Three Hat Trick Kits are currently in stock.

Hats come in solid
black, yellow, or blue

I have one of each color in stock

Please specify color if you have a preference

Balls come in Red Crocheted or
Rubber Coated Gray (easier to use)
Choose e
ither Red Crochet or Gray Rubber Coated