Magica Analytica  
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  • From the title of this book, one would expect magic effects based on analytical principles of mathematics, and you’d be partially correct. However,     
    no knowledge of mathematics is needed to learn and perform any of the routines taught in this book. Mathematicians study patterns and look for rules
    that quantify and describe them. A set of 52 elements like a deck of cards can create fascinating patterns when they are mixed in a non-random way.
    With the power to describe these patterns mathematically, we are able to predict future outcomes, which to our audience seems inexplicable and
    undeniably the work of magic.

  • By applying  an obscure theorem from number theory, you’ll be able to tell a spectator the number of cards he placed in each of his pockets even
    though he has no idea of those numbers himself. Imagine a random drawing being used to find a selected card. This can be accomplished every time
    by a hidden secret from topology. You’ll learn how to control the position of cards by using the power of permutations from group theory, and easily force
    a number using simple algebraic concepts. Many effects will rely on well-known mathematical principles that magicians are familiar with such as The
    Gilbreath Principle, The Parity Principle, and the Self-Cancellation Principle.  

  • Not every effect in this book is mathematically based. Four of them, including the first chapter rely on basic sleights and moves. For a little variety,
I’ve even included a fabulous coin trick.

  • The full instructions for a previously released limited edition apparatus effect called “The Rings of Alexandria” is included in this book. For those who
    wish to build this device, I provide some basic plans and directions on constructing their own.

  • So prepare yourself to learn some unique magic, empowered by mathematics, and designed to both bewilder and entertain your audience.

Full Color with 104 Spiral Bound pages which lie flat for easy study and printed on #80 weight glossy enamel paper

150 Sharp Color photos and diagrams showing step-by step actions making every effect easy to learn

Limited First Edition with 150 numbered copies printed

Most effects are self-working or require basic skills
♦ Scale indicates skill level needed

1. The Capture of the Jackson Mob♦

2. Misplacing the Aces♦♦

3. Cheating with Mathematics♦

4. Overhanded Deception♦

5. Evenhanded Deception♦

6. Awe-Sum♦

7. Rings of Alexandria♦

8. The Arch of Sunzi♦

9. All That Remains♦

10. Euler’s Force♦

11. Awe-Sum Force (Dürer’s Prediction) ♦

12. Wire Transfer♦♦

13. Convoluted Revelation♦

14. The 27 Trick♦

15. The Utterly Easy Stop Trick♦

16. Duel of the Experts♦♦

17. Picasso’s Pick-a-Card Trick♦

18. Set Point♦

19. Match Point♦
Sample Photos (lower resolution for web)

Magica Analytica PDF on CD

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The Arch of Sunzi
from Chapter 8 in Magica Analytica
is available for purchase
See description at bottom of this page
Only 50 Sets Will Be Made

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Note: The Arch of Sunzi is a
different effect from the Rings
of Alexandria from Chapter 7.
That apparatus was sold out
and will not be offered again.
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Arch of Sunzi
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Wooden Carrying Case
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Colors and graphics may vary since
each Arch of Sunzi is hand made.
                                           The Arch of Sunzi

  • The effect bought separately from the book comes with the complete instructions and color photos. It is described
    also in Ch. 8 in Magica Analytica.
  • The effect can be done with the magician's back turned or blindfolded.
  • The spectator cuts the deck (he can shuffle) freely into two unequal piles.
  • He places the smaller half in his left pocket.
  • He then takes the remainder of the deck and deals them into six piles and adds any leftover cards (1-5) to the left
  • The remainder of the deck is now dealt into five piles and the rest placed faceup. The cards in the 5 piles are
    placed in the right pocket.
  • Ask the spectator to move disks in the Arch of Sunzi from left to right corresponding to the number of face-up cards
    left on the table.
  • The number engraved on the disc on the left will tell him how many cards on his left pocket. The number engraved
    on the right disc will tell him how many cards in the right pocket.
  • The effect can be done without the prop but requires some calculation. The prop takes care of that plus adds to the
    mystery of the effect. All mathematical and works 100% of the time. No forcing or memorization. Concentrate
    on your presentation since The Arch of Sunzi does all the work.

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with Inlaid Dragon Coin

Limited Run (1-36)
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Arch of Sunzi
Collector's Limited Edition

Made in Hardwood
with Solid Brass Arch
Multiple Coats of Sedona Red Stain
topped with Semi-gloss Polyurethane
Each Unit Numbered

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