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Magictivity Coins
EFFECT: Two wooden drinking cups and
both hands are displayed and shown to be
empty. One by one a coin is heard to
appear in one cup until three have actually
materialized. That cup is set aside. One at
a time, each of the three coins is dropped
into the second cup and they disappear
with the hands shown completely empty.
The cup that was set aside is emptied, and
the three vanished coins pour out. Gaffs do
most of the work. Coins and cup at the end
can be examined.
The entire limited edition set includes
the following:

2 custom crafted gaffed wooden cups
8 half dollars including all gaffs
2 satin drawstring bags to protect the
cups + coin storage folders
9 pages of step-by-step instructions
with 24 color photos
Click here to see
performance video
PRICE: $125.00 + shipping
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