The Black Magic Tiles
of Merlin
Three silver dollars, an ornate coin box, and two
mysterious wooden tiles are displayed. Each tile has a
large black spot and is displayed on both sides. One by
one each one of the silver dollars is seen to vanish into
the black hole. The wooden tiles are again shown to be
empty on both sides. One by one each of the three
silver dollars reappears between the wooden tiles.

Easy to perform due to gaffed props.
Can be done surrounded.
Only 3 sets left in stock
The Black Magic Tiles of Merlin comes complete with the

 Gaffed pair of tiles
        2 gaffed and 3 regular silver dollars  
       Ornate gaffed coin box
      Velveteen Storage Pouch
      5 pages of instructions
              with 17 color photos

Limited edition made from fine hardwoods including r
osewood, red oak, cherry, and/or basswood.

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The effect can be special ordered with
Morgan Dollars.
PRICE: $240 + shipping.
One set currently in stock
One Morgan coin is concealed in photo
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