Revisible Balls
Two cardboard coffee cups are introduced. One is shown to be empty and the other contains a ball. The
ball is placed in the pocket and reappears under the cup. The ball vanishes and reappears under the
cup several times. This cup is placed aside faceup. The second cup is again shown to be empty. Three
balls are placed on the table. One by one the balls vanish from the cup, and each time the hands are
shown to be empty. The first cup is turned over and the three vanished balls roll out. Finally, the cup is
lifted and a large ball or piece of fruit is produced.    
The kit includes the following:

2 custom gaffed coffee cups
3 gaffed crocheted balls
4 regular crocheted balls
Removal tool
 Storage pouch
8 pages of step-by-step instructions with
25 color photos in chapter 11 of Magica III
A limited number of these kits will
be available after Magica III is
published and then discontinued
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I have 3 Revisible Balls Kits in stock.
Each one is hand made one unit at a time.
The work is very time consuming with dozens of steps in construction.
(updated 12/15/16)