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Magica Analytica I
Magica Analyica II
Magica III Gems from the Repertoire
Kingdom of the Red +  2 hour DVD  
Counting On Deception  
21st Century Coin Mechanics + Video CD  
The Book of Destiny + 2 hour DVD

Plus Bonus Red Velvet Rope and 3 1/2 inch Nickel
Plated Ring

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Magica Trilogy
Special Offer
Magica Analytica I
Magica Analytica II
Magica III
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2 day Magic Cafe Special
July 31-Aug 1
Kingdom of the Red
240 page hardcover with 450 sharp photos on 80 weight
glossy enamel paper with 95 minute Companion DVD

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48 inch red velvet rope ($9.50)


3 1/2 inch brass plated ring ($8.00)


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Counting On Deception
Two Day Special Aug 2-3

256 page Hardcover
#80 weight gloss enamel paper

Cards, coins, balls, and incredible
self-working card effects many
based on subtle math principles

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