The New
Time Tunnel
    A small empty two-sided wooden box with a solid center partition is
    displayed and is offered for examination. You say that this effect
    was taught to you many years ago by an old magician who sold it to
    you for $1.51, and said that "the trick pays for itself". After four half
    dollars are placed in the box, one penetrates to the other side
    landing on the table. This is repeated until each of the four coins
    has penetrated the partition. Next, a coin in the box penetrates
    through the box and the hand, and then again through the box.
    Finally after showing the box empty, a half dollar appears, followed
    by a silver dollar bigger than the box, and then a penny totaling
    $1.51, the exact cost of the trick!

    This will be another limited edition less than 40 and probably no
    more than 16 will be made since these are very time consuming to
    craft. They are made  from hardwood using a wood lathe, drill
    press, and radial arm saw.

    Included in the effect are the following:

  • Gaffed Wooden Time Tunnel Prop
  • Two gaffed lids
  • 3 regular US half dollars
  • 2 gaffed US half dollars
  • 1 gaffed penny
  • 1 regular US Ike silver dollar
  • 9 page step-by-step instruction manual with 32 color photos
  • Deluxe silk lined brocade carrying case for first 3 units.
  •      Custom small wood chest for all additional units (4-40)

  • PRICE:  $75 + shipping

  • USA Priority Shipping $10
  • International Shipping First Class Parcel $22.50
  • Canada Shipping $16.00

  • Only 2 left in stock.
  • First 20 of 20 sold.
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