The Book of Destiny is a collection of magic effects with cards, balls, coins, rings, and unique
apparatus explained in step-by-step detail in
44 chapters and illustrated with over 760 photos.
368 page hardcover text has material for beginners, intermediates, and advanced
performers. A
2 hour companion DVD is available that provides performances and explanations
of selected chapters. The book was printed in
#80 weight gloss enamel paper with a four-color
dust jacket and special end papers. A deluxe edition limited to 59 numbered and signed copies is
available in beautiful black leather.

Look to the Cards, after a sealed deck is riffle shuffled multiple times, piles are dealt and
mixed based on the values of a series of turned over cards. At the end, all the red cards are
facing one way and the blacks the other way except for the two selected cards.

Imagine an oil and water effect where alternating reds and blacks join together with no
detectable sleight. Perform
Rewinding Time and you'll amaze them even in slow motion.

Theatrical Debut, a magic show is acted out with playing cards and told in verse with a
finale that will earn you real applause.

The Book of Destiny, a blending of music and sleight of hand, and earn the reputation
as an artistic card handler.

How about a feat of mentalism where the blindfolded magician deduces the contents of three
different colored envelopes and identifies which spectator holds them. It's all done with
Triple Psychometry.

Is it possible to perform a version of
Out of this World where the deck is genuinely riffle
shuffled several times? Read
ESP Duel to learn this sleight-free miracle.

A performance of
Snatched From the Middle will demonstrate your ability to repeatedly deal a
card from the center of the deck with one hand!        

Coins From Shanghai, practice alchemy as you change silver to gold and gold to copper
all in the palm of your hand.

Counting to three couldn't be more amusing and puzzling than you'll see in
A Curious Type of Arithmetic where the audience can't keep track of the
number, color, and size of the balls in a hat.

Stun your audience instead of confuse them with my version of the classic
Cups and Balls
performed with a rhyming script and with moves that your audience can logically follow.

The World's Greatest One Ball Trick is the old sponge ball trick on steroids. It's a complete
baffling routine with unique moves and a surprise ending.

The Enchanted Rings is one of the most requested effects I perform. It's a six ring routine
recited in verse and taught with nearly a hundred photos.

Aunt Tilly's Will is a magical vignette with audience participation. As the will is read, clues are
given which help the spectator solve a seemingly impossible riddle.

Stump the spectator every time with
Archimedes Monte. Four pegs sink and one floats.
Out of five covered glasses they can't seem to find the only one with the floating wooden peg.
Then they can't find one of the four glasses with the sinking token.

The Buried Treasure of Triangle Island is a self-working prediction
effect based on a mathematical theorem from the time of Galileo. Despite incredible odds, the
spectator discovers the site of the treasure.

  And these items represent just fifteen of the
forty-four chapters!