Magica Analytica II  (limited to 150 copies)

Mathematicians study and analyze patterns whether they are formed from numbers, shapes, or abstract concepts. From this type of analysis, rules are discovered which allow accurate calculations
of future outcomes. When these techniques are applied to conjuring, they provide the performer with powerful tools to create stunning predictions and amazing phenomena which appear beyond
belief. The audience is left with no other conclusion than this can only be explained by magic.

Similar to my prior book, Magica Analytica, mathematical techniques and concepts are taken from number theory, algebra, group theory, topology, and geometry. There are simple proofs and
explanations showing how the math works for those interested. However, you need not know how the math works to perform any of the effects in this book. All you need is basic arithmetic, and the
ability for you or your spectator to use a simple calculator for some effects.

Concepts including digital root, modular arithmetic, and binary numbers are clearly explained and can be understood by anyone familiar with basic arithmetic. As in the prior book, I have included
some effects not specifically mathematically based.

A few of the effects use some type of prop or apparatus. I have included plans and diagrams on how to make them. You’ll find effects using cards, numbers, coins, dice, gameboards, silks, and
even a ball bearing. All of the effects are described in step-by-step detail and enhanced with color photos, tables, and diagrams.

Of the twenty-one effects, don’t overlook Guessing Game, Magician vs Mathematician, Topsy-Turvy Cards, The Coins of Heptagonia, Too Tired To Deal, and The Clock of Alexander.

So crack open a new deck of cards, sharpen your pencil, and get your calculator ready. You are about to enter the realm where magic and mathematics synergize, and whose fusion can produce
unexplainable wonder.

Full Color with 116 Spiral Bound pages which lie flat for easy study
and printed on #80 weight glossy enamel paper

175 Sharp Color Photos and Diagrams showing step-by step actions
   making every effect easy to learn

Limited First Edition with 150 numbered copies printed

     Most effects are self-working or require only basic skills

                                  PRICE: Thirty-two Dollars
     CONTENTS   ♦ Scale indicates skill level needed

                 1. Downsizing the Deck ♦
    2. A Game of Thrones
    3. Triangulation ♦-♦♦
    4. The Spring-Loaded Deck ♦-♦♦
    5. Drawing a Blank II
    6. Too Tired To Deal
    7. Still Too Tired To Deal
    8. Sphere of Influence
    9. Without Undue Influence
    10. Make a Difference ♦-♦♦
    11. Coins of Heptagonia
    12. Coins of Heptagonia II
    13. Casting Away
    14. Triangulating the Aces ♦-♦♦
    15. The Magic Maze ♦-♦♦
    16.Guessing Game ♦-♦♦
    17. It Must Be Magic
    18. Magician vs. Mathematician
    19. The Prime Directive
                          20. Topsy-Turvy Cards ♦
               21. The Clock of Alexander ♦
Sample Photos (lower resolution for web)

Magica Analytica II
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Magica Analytica
Magica Analytica II

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